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Thanks to those who have worked with me, mentored me, and/or supported me during my years as a freelancer, I am able to provide the following work references.

Dan Stewart, Founder and Former CEO of PokerScout

Jennifer Newell began working for me in March 2012 as the website’s news administrator. She was in charge of finding all news pertinent to our online poker industry, summarizing those articles and posting them to the website and social media. She was also the news editor for the Scouting Report, a premium subscription-only newsletter for global industry executives.  She was in charge of compiling and arranging news pieces in the newsletter, as well as tracking other information about the leading companies in the industry.


More recently, she began taking on more responsibilities, such as moderating the room reviews section of my website, keeping online poker site information current, and creating an aggregated news feed for an online bingo website.


For my small operation, Jennifer's daily contributions to my company were vital. She was reliable, trustworthy, and attentive to the needs of the websites I operate. She worked independently much of the time but coordinated with my newsletter editor and myself to ensure timely and accurate production. Her part in the daily operations of PokerScout enabled me to grow my business in various directions. 


I highly recommend Jennifer as a freelance writer, news coordinator and website editor.

Michael Craig, Author

"Jennifer Newell was a superb asset in developing web content and credibility. In early 2011, long before began operations (or even had a name), Jennifer was the first writer I approached. During Spring 2011, we established the first regular feature for the website, 'The Law Blog,' to be written weekly by Jennifer. During the two months prior to the website going live on August 1, 2011, I organized an effort to produce 500-word biographies of Epic Poker's 253 league-qualified players. Jennifer became the workhorse in this effort - the equivalent of producing the equivalent of TWO books of encyclopedic content in two months - producing over 100 biographies.


"Once we began operations, Jennifer Newell had the following responsiblities: (1) Writing the weekly 'Law Blog;' (2) Writing a weekly 'Know the Pro' feature, a 1,000-word profile of an Epic League member; (3) Writing a weekly 'Player to Watch;' and (4) Working as a member of the Live Updates team at Epic's three events, each 10 days to two weeks.


"Jennifer was one of the cornerstones on which I was able to build quickly into a high-quality, high-profile, high-volume source of poker news, information, and analysis. The 'Law Blog' became one of our best regular columns because Jennifer kept current on the latest developments in litigation involving online poker sites and state and federal efforts to regular online gaming. She learned to navigate the maze of documents produced by these efforts, built contacts to provide commentary, and quickly produced current news and analysis. She wrote more than three dozen player profiles for 'Know the Pro' and 'Player to Watch' columns, finding interesting angles to spotlight professional poker players. Finally, as part of the Live Events team, she worked long hours on site describing hands, picking up table chatter, developing contacts among players, and working the software to post updates and chip counts in real time.


"Jennifer Newell is the hardest working and more reliable and professional writer I've worked with in poker."

Erik Faulkner, Chief Technology Officer at Determine

"Jen is one of the excellent writers that Epic Poker had on staff. She contributed to several regular columns for the site. Jen brought a good balance of journalistic research and in-person interviewing skills to develop each of her columns. She is very dependable with her schedule and is extremely professional - both in researching for future columns and as a key member of the live event coverage team. Jen's articles were some of the best received and well written on"

Dutch Boyd, Author and Pro Poker Player

"Jennifer is a great writer and has a real knack for making interview subjects feel comfortable. She's good at fostering relationships with difficult people and very easy to work with. I'm confident that she'll bring value anywhere she goes."

Joanne Bartley, Former Player Marketing Manager at PokerStars
Linda Geenen, Former Editor-in-Chief at PokerWorks 

"We were very glad to have Jen on our team. She knows her way around the world of social media and is reliable and conscientious in updating our accounts. She found creative ways to write tweets and Facebook posts, and she made great suggestions for promotions and competitions. As a writer, she is professional and entertaining. We relied on her for regular tournament reports, interviews, and general poker articles. Her work was always top class."

"Jennifer worked for me as a contract news writer and tournament reporter. She was a self starter, always available to take on a new task, and her reporting skills were second to none. She devoted the time to made sure content was accurate and finished assignments on schedule. She was very adept at writing on any topic, flexible and intelligent enough to cover any tasks required."

Michael Friedman, Freelance Journalist

"Jennifer is one of the hardest working writers in the poker industry. Professional, driven, and capable of providing superior product."

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