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About Me:

I am a freelance writer, copy editor, and entrepreneur.


After various jobs in the music, accounting, and TV production industries, I quit my last office job in 2005 to freelance in the poker world.


I have written about poker players, tournaments, legal developments, and general gambling news for two decades. My work has been published in magazines and on websites. My personal favorites are interview-driven articles featuring players, their experiences and perspectives. I enjoy telling people's stories and offering insight into lives lived off the beaten path.

In the past dozen years, my poker work has appeared in the USA Today Sports section, and on Tight Poker, Playfecta, and Card Player Lifestyle. as well as almost daily on Legal US Poker Sites. I was also responsible for all of the news links/summaries and site administration for PokerScout for nearly six years.

Much of my work in recent years has been behind the scenes, creating and updating content for online poker websites. For example, I've written and updated most of the static pages on Legal US Poker Sites, edited hundreds of pages for Lets Gamble USA, and consulted for poker and gambling news companies.

I recently moved back to my hometown of St. Louis after living in Los Angeles for 14 years and Las Vegas for two years. I live with my two dogs in the county of Olivette.

In my spare time, I study the Italian language, create products for an upstart Italian-themed small business, and write chapters in my never-ending novel.

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